GBARC maintains a core of individuals that have the skills and capability to include amateur radio services and the existing extensive infrastructure as part of any emergency plan.  We assist, advise and co-ordinate the setup and operation of various town, city and hospital EOC's throughout the greater Bridgeport, CT area.   Our members are on 24 hour call to operate facilities when needed.  The club call sign is WA1RJI.
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GBARC's goal is to provide direct and immediate emergency radio communications to and from Bridgeport area EOC's, shelters and to the mobile stations that are located at an incident scene.  We have made significant progress towards that objective by directly supporting a number of local Emergency Operation Centers (EOC's) by providing amateur radio communications design specifications and procedures and by supplying operators.   GBARC Supported EOC's include:

         CT DEMHS Region 1 EOC Troop G Bridgeport (KC1EOC)
         City of Bridgeport OEM EOC (W1BPT)
         American Red Cross CT Area 1 EOC (W1MFC)

Bridgeport EOCWinter Field Day

GBARC also supports non-commercial organizations with communications where our unique anywhere anytime capabilities enhance the safety and experience of public event participants.  Especially important is the ability to provide mobile operations in areas where cell service is erratic or non-existent or where event communications traffic would burden other methods.

 if your parade, fireworks, bike/foot/swim race or any non-profit event requires our expertise.


GBARC's mission is to help provide vital emergency communications through amateur radio to the greater Bridgeport area.  If you are a licensed radio amateur operator and are willing to devote time to our all volunteer organization in order to further this goal, please contact us at .  Other inquires to .  Comments or questions regarding this web site contact .
2020 Officers, Liaison and Emergency Coordinators

President - Emily Clarke, N1DID
VP - John Masi, Jr. , N1TVN
Secretary - Clasate McDonald, KC1INZ
Asst. Secretary - Brandon Harvey, KB1THM
Treasurer - Jon Maggio, KC1INX
Sargent at Arms - Luis Lopez, NC1JHW
Webmaster - Larry Gross, W1LAG

Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Region 1 - Robert Kenny
Emergency Management Director, City of Bridgeport - Scott Appleby
Region 1 East EC - Mike Abramowitz, KA1EOU

Red Cross Liaison - Larry Gross, W1LAG
Director Connecticut Region 1 SART- Sheldon Yessenow, KB1QPT

GBARC, Inc. is a not for profit corporation, incorporated under the laws of the state of Connecticut and has 501(c)(3) status with the United States Government.  All donations to GBARC, Inc. are tax deductible.