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  GBARC Emergency Response
Our mission is to to provide emergency and public service communications through the use of amateur radio.  This goal is achieved in three important ways - EOC involvement, training and equipment availability.

Emergency Operations Centers — Specifying, operating and sometimes constructing the amateur radio facilities associated with EOC's located within the greater Bridgeport area. We make sure that the radio capability in these facilities meet minimum performance requirements that include HF, VHF and UHF transceivers plus digital operation on at least one band and that we have trained operators that are familiar with the facility and are ready to man it when called. GBARC is thusly integrated with:

              DEMHS Region 1 EOC  more info
              Bridgeport, CT OEM EOC   more info
              American Red Cross CT Area 1 EOC  more info
              Stratford EOC
              Trumbull EOC

Training — GBARC meets once a month to discuss and plan ways to maintain and improve communications skills.  We participate in numerous training activities that serve to further our expertise. We have supported the Bridgeport EOC in more than ten emergency situations where the EOC was opened because or hurricane, flood, heavy wind or snow situations that arose in the area.  Many of our members are certified Red Cross volunteers and support that agency during emergency situations and drills.  
Equipment — In addition to the EOC installed equipment, each GBARC member has personally owned radio equipment that is available to support an emergency response.  Hand-held VHF/UHF radios, HF base station radios, and HF mobile rigs along with associated antennas, cabling and power supplies are among the available equipment.