GBARC members operating as the GreaterBridgeport Emergency Operations Club configured, maintain and operate the amateur radio facilities, KC1EOC, located at the Connecticut State Police Barracks, Troop-G in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Click for map.


The antennas are located on the roof of the building and connected to the equipment with over 75 feet of low loss cable.

HF Antenna:
       B&W  BWD-90 Folded Dipole 10 ft.
       above roof (see photo below)

VHF/UHF Antennas:
       (2) Diamond V2000A tri-band repeater antennas

Transceivers cover HF through UHF

HF Bands:
        ICOM IC-718
        ICOM PS-53 power supply
        ICOM AT-180 autotuner

V/UHF Voice:
        (2) Yaesu FT-8800R w/ADMS-2 software
        (2) SAMLEX SEC 1223 power supplies

VHF Digital:
        ICOM IC-2200H 2-m digital radio
MFJ-1274 TNC2 Packet Radio TNC

With remote access to the N1KGN 441.700 MHz repeater in Milford, we are able to provide direct links to other Connecticut repeaters and linked repeater systems as needed from the Region 1 EOC.

Additionally, the EOC contains printers, FAX machines and telephones.  The entire Troop G complex is powered by diesel generators in the event of a power failure.


Antenna Patch Panel

HF Antenna   HF operator position