The Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (GBARC) is a volunteer group of trained communicators dedicated to helping provide emergency and public service communications for the greater Bridgeport community in addition to training and education.

Results of the February Elections

     President - Emily Clarke, N1DID
     Vice President - John Masi Jr., N1TVN
     Secretary - Clasate McDonald, KC1INZ
     Asst. Secretary - Brandon Harvey, KB1THM
     Treasurer - Jon Maggio, KC1INX
     Sargent at Arms - Luis Lopez, NC1JHW
     President Emeritus: Eddie Cellini, N1GKN

Monthly Meeting Date Changed

GBARC will now meet on the second Tuesday of the month instead of the first Tuesday. The next meeting is:

• Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020
• Time: 7:00 PM EST (Please arrive by 6:45)
• Location: Bridgeport EOC, 581 N. Washington Ave, Bridgeport, CT


The Next Activity is Today: GBARC's WA1RJI Net
Activities for the Next 60 Days
Feb 20 - GBARC's WA1RJI Net
Feb 27 - GBARC's WA1RJI Net
Mar 10 - Monthly GBARC meeting
Mar 12 - GBARC's WA1RJI Net
Mar 19 - GBARC's WA1RJI Net
Mar 26 - GBARC's WA1RJI Net
Apr 9 - GBARC's WA1RJI Net
Apr 14 - Monthly GBARC meeting
Apr 16 - GBARC's WA1RJI Net

See the Activities Page for more info and future activities
Interested in joining GBARC?
If you are a licensed amateur radio operator and are willing to devote time to our all volunteer organization please contact us at

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Use this web site to take a look at the ways we support Emergency Response and to review our planned Activities.  A historical chronicle of our many and varied activities are presented through pictures in our Photo Gallery.  If you wish to learn more about GBARC, contact GBARC for support or become a member please see the About Us page.   We conduct a monthly net for training and information purposes.   Every amateur radio operator is invited to join the WA1RJI VHF/UHF net.  A listing of this net and others within Connecticut will be found on our Nets Page.   Links to other web sites are found here.

Make a Plan Build a Kit Get Involved 3 days, 3 ways
In order to be fully responsive in an emergency or a disaster, we encourage GBARC members and their families to prepare themselves for surviving the initial days of an event on their own.  As a minimum we recommend that they make a plan, build a kit, and get involved in community support.  Even if you are not a GBARC member, it will be worth your while to take a few minutes to read about it here.

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