The Greater Bridgeport Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (GBARC) is a volunteer group of trained communicators dedicated to helping provide emergency and public service communications for the greater Bridgeport community in addition to training and education.

Nominating Committee Recommendations

A nominating committee was appointed at the January 7th meeting. Their recommendations are:
     President - Emily Clarke N1DID
     Vice President - John Masi N1TVN
     Secretary - Clasate McDonald KC1INZ
     Treasurer - Connie Lasky KB1UJZ
     President Emeritus: Eddie Cellini N1GKN

Floor nominations and voting will take place at the February 4th meeting. All hams and potential hams are welcome.

• Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020
• Time: 7:00 PM EST (Please arrive by 6:45)
• Location: Bridgeport EOC, 581 N. Washington Ave, Bridgeport, CT


Join Us For Winter Field Day

We will be operating with GFARA, HARC and WAS during Winter Field Day on Jan 25-26, 2020 at the Westport Astronomical Society site in Westport, CT.

10:00 am Saturday for setup and 2:00 pm for operating.


The Next Activity is Saturday: Winter Field Day
Activities for the Next 60 Days
Jan 25 - Winter Field Day
Feb 4 - Monthly GBARC meeting
Mar 3 - Monthly GBARC meeting

See the Activities Page for more info and future activities
Interested in joining GBARC?
If you are a licensed amateur radio operator and are willing to devote time to our all volunteer organization please contact us at

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Use this web site to take a look at the ways we support Emergency Response and to review our planned Activities.  A historical chronicle of our many and varied activities are presented through pictures in our Photo Gallery.  If you wish to learn more about GBARC, contact GBARC for support or become a member please see the About Us page.   We conduct a monthly net for training and information purposes.   Every amateur radio operator is invited to join the WA1RJI VHF/UHF net.  A listing of this net and others within Connecticut will be found on our Nets Page.   Links to other web sites are found here.

Make a Plan Build a Kit Get Involved 3 days, 3 ways
In order to be fully responsive in an emergency or a disaster, we encourage GBARC members and their families to prepare themselves for surviving the initial days of an event on their own.  As a minimum we recommend that they make a plan, build a kit, and get involved in community support.  Even if you are not a GBARC member, it will be worth your while to take a few minutes to read about it here.

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